Limited Edition Wall Calendars

Stuff by Jools’ limited edition 2021 calendars (wall and desktop) will be here soon (a little late but who cares about January this year anyway?)!

Our A3 and A4 wirebound, novelty wall calendars feature a page per month, with all South African public holidays and special days, plus space for your notes.

Choose from Horrorscopes (sic), Vars Vannie Kaap and Lesser Spotted African Wildlife.

Birthday and Anniversary Calendars

Our cheerful and amusing perpetual Birthday and Anniversary Calendars are available in both single-sided A3 and double-sided A4.

Hang them in your office space or stick them on your fridge and you’ll have a frequent visual reminder of all your most important dates and occasions.

Choose from Horrorscopes (sic), Vars Vannie Kaap, Lesser Spotted African Wildlife and Flower Power.

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